Water++ 2.0

we all know the times in life where work, stress and To-Do lists are overwhelming and normal things fall by the wayside. Even such normal things like drinking and staying hydrated. I've been there too.

Thats why i created Water++, an easy to setup and encouraging drink reminder for everybody. If you feel tired a lot can not concentrate even on easy tasks chances are high you are not enough hydrated. 

Water++ will help you to keep your water balance in a healthy state. All you need to do is set your daily goal and your wakeup time in the Settings. Easy as that. Water++ will remind you to drink and give you an easy way to track your intake. 


3D Touch

Quick Actions on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to add a glass from the home screen


Apple Watch

You own an Apple Watch? Great we got you covered. Never has it been easier to get closer to your daily drink goal. Medical research says that you should drink a minimum of 2 litres (8 glasses) of water to keep your water balance on a healthy level.


Customisable glass-sizes

You can use the predifined sizes or add your own. Water++ adobts to your drinking habits.



control all necessary things in one place.


Achievements & Statistics

to encourage and give you insights.


Automatic counter reset

Water++ will reset your daily count every morning. You can also reset the counter during the day whenever you like. Just hold the progress-ring for a second. On Apple Watch you just use Force Touch to do that.



Change the look of the App to one of the many themes available.


Health Kit Support

All your intake is saved to the Health App.


Water ++ helps you with that.